• Marty Vieira

You Can Always Start Over.

There is a misconception that many people buy into and that is the idea that it is too late to be different or to change. Feeling that way causes people to plateau and feel stuck. We know from decades of research that a growth mindset (Dr. Dweck) can help us embrace challenges and overcome stagnant views about our learning.

Today's message is about new beginnings. Most people need a reboot in at least one area of their lives. We all possess some aspects of ourselves worth keeping. Don't forget that. Make sure you are aware of your strengths. However, be willing to admit when you need to overhaul a facet of your life. It is not too late to try again. Persist during the setbacks. Learn from constructive feedback. Care enough to become somebody different, something new. Change is possible. It makes all the difference!

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