• Marty Vieira

Don't forget to care for yourself.

Beets are the best.

Be healthy. Be focused. Be kind. Education can be a draining profession, but it doesn't have to be.

To stay on top, keep your priorities in check.

Don't settle for mediocrity. You can't reach your potential that way.

Be willing to do your part to make your time matter. Teaching should not be a job where you just go through the motions. Time is too precious. You deserve better.

Teach students lessons rather than teach lessons to students. There is a difference.

Care for yourself, but use caution. I do not mean pamper yourself with unnecessary rewards. You deserve validation for your hard work, but having an it’s-all-about-me mentality seldom produces a satisfying result. Instead of going on a shopping spree or an outlandish vacation, try eating healthier, reconnecting with a friend who is uplifting, or spreading kindness to someone in need. Those pursuits are far more effective in reviving you because they can spark meaningful change.

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