• Marty Vieira

Just go for it!

Many years ago, I had a very animated conversation in Japanese with my firstborn. Language learning can be challenging, but the best way to break the barriers of speaking a new language is to just go for it. Language use should be experiential. Play the part. Step out of your "L1-using identity" and adopt an identity that uses the target language. Become that person. Alter pitch, tone, intonation, mannerisms. The more the better. Dot reminded me of that during our little exercise. She had no idea what she was saying, or did she? She certainly convinced me that her contribution to the conversation was equal to, if not better than, my own. I have explored many languages throughout my life and have found that the just-go-for-it approach works well with all of them. Release your inhibitions, get out there, and just go for it!

Here is the video:

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