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I am an educator who teaches students and teachers to care.

Marty Vieira


"Marty’s seminar was extremely informative and thought provoking to be a part of."

What is Teach to Care?

Teach to Care is a teaching approach developed by Marty Vieira. It encourages students to learn to care for themselves, appreciate the goodness in others, and recognize the value of hard work.

For over twenty years, Marty has taught students ESL and foreign languages in K-12 and college. He specializes in reaching students who have educational gaps, lack motivation for learning, and/or plateau while acquiring a second language.

Academic and vocational teachers across many subjects have effectively implemented this approach. Teach to Care works regardless of content area or age. It applies to teachers as well. Many of Marty's training sessions now focus on how teachers can boost morale and keep an uplifting mindset. Whether the focus is the teacher or the student, caring drives success. It makes all the difference!

Sample Project: Women's Month Celebration

Sample Project: Poetry Recital

Students in Action


It makes all the difference.