I am an educator who teaches students and teachers to care.

Marty Vieira


"Marty’s seminar was extremely informative and thought provoking to be a part of."

What is Teach to Care?

Teach to Care is a teaching approach developed by Marty Vieira. It encourages teachers and students to care for themselves, appreciate the goodness in others, and recognize the value of hard work.

People like Teach to Care because it is clear and effective. Educators across many subjects have implemented aspects of Teach to Care and are thrilled with the results. They are happier at work and get more out of their students. We live at a time when education has been bombarded by strategies, most of which don't work. Marty believes that with a caring attitude, using only one or two dynamite strategies at a time is enough. Marty's training sessions focus on how teachers can boost morale and see improvements in themselves and their students. Caring matters more than we think it does. In fact, it makes all the difference!

Who is Marty Vieira?

Marty originally studied to be a linguist. He spoke five languages and was a skilled interpreter, but he decided to enter teaching because he felt incomplete. He wanted to promote the benefits of multilingualism and become a successful language instructor. Because he had learned languages well, he thought teaching languages would be easy for him too. However, it was a disaster at first. Even though he was so knowledgable, the students did not understand or progress well. Very early on, he realized that building positive relationships was just as important as mastering content. Connecting with students was the key to impactful education. Ever since then, he has researched and tried ways to teach students languages rather than teach languages to students (placing priority on people rather than things), and the fruit of all that work is the Teach to Care approach.        

During Marty's 20 year career, he has taught ESL and foreign languages in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. He has gained powerful insights and a unique perspective by having taught all grade levels. He believes teachers and students of all ages must engage in social-emotional learning in addition to content learning and be willing to make changes that matter.  

Marty continues to teach while sharing with the world the Teach to Care approach. Do you want to reach students who struggle? Do you want to spark students who lack motivation? Do you want to help students who seem stuck? Teach to Care can help!

Sample Project: Poetry Recital

This video is of a sample project that showcases ESL students in action.

Sample Project: Women's Month Celebration

This video is of a sample project that showcases ESL students in action.

Students Who Care 

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